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Comprehensive Home Loan Services in Inverness, Citrus County, Florida

For more than a decade, we’ve been working within the Inverness community, providing the personal touch that Inverness residents have come to appreciate.

We also understand that Inverness isn’t just a place people go for retirement, but also a very important town in Florida historically. With our fingers on the pulse of the community, we’ve been able to help many Inverness residents get the loans they need at the very best rates. From 30-year fixed-rate mortgages to construction loans to VA loans, our specialists will work with you to set up the loan that works best for you.

Inverness Loan Options

Home Loans in Inverness

Southern Home Loans has been serving Inverness in Citrus County, Florida since 2006. Our specialists are dedicated to finding you the best home loan with the best possible rates.

Because we’re also part of the Inverness community, we strive to provide a home loan option that will give you the help you need with the lowest possible rates. If you need a great home loan, staying local is the key!

We Offer Every Possible Home Loan Option

Not only can we provide you with whatever home loan option you might need, but we can also help you decide what option will work best for you.

Simply click on the loan option from the drop-down menu, see if you qualify, and our experts will review the specifics to make sure that it’ll work best for you.

The History of Southern Home Loans

Established in 2006, we’ve been providing both families and retired folks of Inverness with great home loans that can help them through good and bad financial situations. Whether it’s buying your dream home for your family or getting a reverse mortgage to help cover your bills, we’re here to help.

Being a direct lender has allowed us to cut out the middle man and make a usually complicated process a whole lot easier. Our track record speaks for itself, and that’s why more individuals and families in Inverness choose Southern Home Loans.

The Easiest Way to Get a Home Loan

Anyone who’s gone through the process of getting a home loan before knows that it can be difficult and time-consuming. Thankfully, Southern Home Loans has established a system that makes it as easy as possible.

Rather than going through the entire time-consuming process on your own, we’ve created both mobile and online solutions that will help you to get through the entire process without any complications at all.

All you have to do is choose the type of loan you’re interested in, follow the quick application process, and you can be approved in a matter of minutes instead of days. That’s right! There’s no easier way in the world to apply for a home loan!

We Specialize in Reverse Mortgages in Inverness

If you live in Inverness and are over the age of 62, we can help you to get the money you need right now to help you take care of any expenses that you weren’t ready for. Our certified professionals are ready to assist you in taking full advantage of your home’s equity. When we get you qualified for a reverse mortgage, you’ll receive payments that can help you right now with whatever you need the money for, and you’ll never have to make a payment on it so long as you’re still living in your home.

Trust in Southern Home Loans

Because we’ve been working with Inverness residents for so long, we understand how to find the very best options for them. The community has trusted us for years, and you can, too.

Feel free to call us directly, or begin the application process online right now. With so many options, there’s no way you won’t be satisfied. We service the following zip codes in Inverness: 34450, 34451, 34452, and 34453.

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