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The Home Loan Process

Get acquainted with the basics of the home loan process for a smoother overall buying experience.

Secure Pre-Approval Before House Hunting

Begin your home buying journey with a personalized pre-approval consultation from a trusted mortgage advisor. This process addresses concerns, identifies potential challenges, and requires verification of personal and financial information. Following the pre-approval process ensures an affordable home price, strengthens your offer, and leads to a successful home purchase experience.

Identify the Ideal Loan Program for You

Numerous loan programs exist, ranging from first-time buyer options like VA, FHA, or USDA to conventional and jumbo loans. These programs vary in terms of financing and down payment requirements. Consult with a trusted mortgage advisor to determine the best loan for your specific needs and financial comfort.

Begin Your Home Search

After securing pre-approval and identifying your price range, the exciting phase of house hunting begins. Collaborate with a trusted real estate agent who understands your needs and preferences. For a reliable local agent recommendation, consult your mortgage advisor.

Submitting Your Purchase Offer

Upon finding a suitable home, your real estate agent will present a purchase contract on your behalf. This includes earnest money held in escrow to validate the agreement. The seller may accept your offer or counter it. Once accepted, the due-diligence period commences, involving timelines for mortgage approval, appraisal, inspections, and other contract stipulations. Meeting these deadlines is crucial to avoid losing your earnest money, highlighting the importance of obtaining pre-approval beforehand.

Processing, Underwriting, and Documentation

Upon receiving a fully executed sales contract, your mortgage advisor initiates the processing and underwriting stage. This involves collaboration between various professionals to verify your income, assets, and third-party items. The processor compiles this information and submits your loan file for underwriting approval. Once your home loan is conditionally approved, you'll need to provide additional information to satisfy any requests. Promptly submit the required documents to adhere to due diligence timelines. After meeting all conditions, you'll receive final approval, and your loan documents will be prepared and sent to the real estate attorney for closing.


The final stage of the home buying process is closing, which occurs at a pre-determined attorney's office. Before closing, your mortgage advisor will review the HUD settlement statement with you, outlining required funds, instructions, and other final details. At the closing, you'll review and sign various loan documents, with the closing agent clarifying each one and addressing any questions. After signing, the lender transfers the necessary funds, and you receive the keys to your new home. This marks the transition from home buyer to homeowner, as you become responsible for your new mortgage and the seller receives payment.

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