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Comprehensive Home Loan Services in Crystal River, Citrus County, Florida

For the last decade, we’ve dedicated ourselves to serving families and individuals in the Crystal River community. Over one-third of Crystal River residents are 65 years of age or older, which is one of the reasons why we specialize in loans for those who live on a fixed income (such as reverse mortgages).

Many folks in the area are living on a single income, and certain home loans will be more helpful than others. Our loan specialists are dedicated to finding the right home loan for your specific situation and offering the best possible rates so that you’ll never have to struggle to make payments.

Crystal River Loan Options

Home Loans in Crystal River

Founded in 2006, Southern Home Loans is dedicated to serving the Crystal River community with all their home loan needs. We offer any sort of home loan you need at affordable rates.

We’re part of the Crystal River and Citrus County community ourselves, that’s why we’ve done our best to provide the best home loan options at the lowest available interest rates. When it comes to finding a quality home loan, it always pays to stay local.

Our History

Southern Home Loans was established in 2006 to provide the most comprehensive home loan services to those who qualify. We began with a mission to make customer service the most important thing that we do.

Because we’re a direct lender, we’ve been able to streamline the loan process to make it a whole lot easier for all of our customers. We can have you pre-approved for the perfect home loan within an hour.

Whether you’re looking to purchase your first home, looking to refinance your existing loan, or simply consolidate your debt, we have the experts who can make everything easier for you!

Home Loans Made Simple

The home loan process is not always easy, and that’s why we’ve established services that take the stress out of it for you. We have mobile and online services that allow you to get your approval fast so that you can begin the process right away.

With our online services, you simply click on the loan in the drop-down menu that you’re interested in to learn more about it, then begin the approval process to get started. It’s that easy!

We’ll Get You Qualified for a Reverse Mortgage in Crystal River

Folks who are 62 or over may meet the requirements for a reverse mortgage, and we’re the most qualified to help you if you’re interested. A reverse mortgage will use the equity in your home to help you pay for expenses. With a reverse mortgage, the lender pays you, and you don’t have to pay the principal or interest so long as you’re still living in your home. The money can be received as a single lump-sum payment or paid in installments over time, and there are no restrictions on how you use the money.

Let Us Be Your Home Loan Heroes!

We’ve established a reputation that’s second-to-none in the industry, and we’re very proud of that fact. No matter what sort of home loan is needed, we’re the ones more people in Crystal River turn to.

Get in contact with us today or follow the simple online process and we’ll be happy to help get the process started for you.

We service the following zip codes in Crystal River: 34423, 34428 and 34429.

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