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VA Loan

Advantages of a VA Loan

If you’re a United States military Veteran, then it’s always a good idea to take advantage of a VA home loan. This is a loan that the United States Department of Veterans Affairs guarantees, and it’s provided by lenders who are qualified.

We want to save you money on your monthly payments and interest rates, and we’ve established a system that has proven to do just that. Southern Home Team is fully qualified to offer VA Loans to military Veterans, and we make the entire process as easy as possible. We can provide long-term home financing to Veterans and their spouses.

Why and how do we make VA Mortgages simple?

At Southern Home Team, we care deeply about those who have served our country. We understand the sacrifice that our veterans and their families have made, and we want to ensure that they never have any trouble securing their home loans.

We’ve been in this business for a long time, and we’ve set up the tools needed to make your application for your VA loan easy. Simply fill out the quick VA Loan Qualifier for free and be on your way to owning your home!

What are the benefits of VA Loans?

The mortgage doesn’t always require a down payment

Available to all Veterans and active members of the military

No need for mortgage insurance

Our commitment to serving those who served

Because we appreciate the sacrifices our vets and their families have made, and we know the difficulties that they sometimes face, we strive to make it easy for them to get into their homes with the best home loans possible.

You can apply online and qualify for your VA loan right here on our site, which makes everything quicker and easier for you. You never have to hassle with trying to figure out which loan is best, as we give you all your options in one place to make the decision easy.

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