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Adjustable-Rate Mortgage

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Adjustable-Rate Mortgage

The Lowdown on Adjustable Rate Mortgages

An Adjustable-Rate Mortgage will give you a lower initial interest rate than a Fixed Rate Mortgage. If you’re only going to live in your new home for a short period of time (just a few years), then you can save some money on your early payments by getting an Adjustable-Rate Mortgage.

This is also the best option for you if you expect your income to increase over the years. If the Fixed Rate Mortgage interest rate is too high for you, you’ll want to choose an Adjustable-Rate Mortgage.

How is a Fixed Rate Mortgage different from an Adjustable-Rate Mortgage?

  • The interest on a Fixed Rate Mortgage never changes, whereas the rate on an Adjustable-Rate Mortgage changes over time.
  • The initial interest rate of a Fixed Rate Mortgage is higher than that of an Adjustable-Rate Mortgage.

How do we make the process easier?

We have years of expertise in the field, which means we’ll be able to provide you with many different options, so you are always well-informed. You never have to feel as though you’re going into your mortgage blindly, as we provide you with all the info you need.

Because we offer our Adjustable-Rate Mortgage Qualifier over the internet, you can find out what rates you qualify for in a matter of minutes.

Allow us to provide you with all the available options so you can choose what’s right for your specific situation.

How to qualify for an Adjustable-Rate Mortgage

  • Simply fill out our Adjustable-Rate Mortgage Qualifier
  • In seconds, take a look at the options provided
  • Compare each plan, including the terms and interest rates
  • After comparing your options, choose the one that’s best for you

Need more info on how to purchase?

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