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How to Make Your Move to Ocala a Success

September 1, 2022
Written by Brandon Crysler
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An out-of-state move is a great way to get a fresh start, and the Ocala area is a great place to call home. It’s also a great place to start a business. However, a relocation can be quite the undertaking. To help, Southern Home Team shares this guide to make your move easier.

Why Ocala?

Based in the heart of Florida, Ocala provides prospective entrepreneurs with an affordable location to headquarter your operations. With a cost of living well below the national average, you’re sure to find that doing business in Ocala is very reasonable.

The Basics of Living and Working in Florida

In Washington, the median sale price for homes is around $397,000. For rentals, fair market prices come in between $784 and $1,408 per month on average.

Overall, a single adult typically spends around $3,411 on food each year in Florida, while a family of four usually comes out closer to $9,850. When it comes to work, as of March 2022, the unemployment rate in Florida was 3.0 percent. It should be noted that that is lower than the national average. It’s also important to note that there isn’t an income tax in Florida, allowing you to potentially keep more of your earnings.

Find Your Perfect Neighborhood by Envisioning Your Dream Life

Choosing a neighborhood is a daunting task, but it’s easier if you use your dream life as a guide. Explore what’s available in Ocala. Consider the hobbies you want to embrace, the lifestyle you’d prefer, the amenities you’ll need to access to make it happen. Then, find neighborhoods with the right shops, service providers, and features.This also creates the perfect opportunity to scout out locations for your business if entrepreneurship is part of your plan.

Once you settle on the house of your dreams, be sure to shop around for homeowners insurance in Florida. You want to find a policy that offers the most generous coverage and terms at the best price. Your home is a big investment, so make sure that you protect it adequately.

Spend a Week in Your Target Neighborhood Living Like a Local

Once you have a neighborhood in mind, spend a week living like a local. Head onto a site like VRBO and find a rental in that location, preferably one with a full kitchen. Then, spend a few days doing what locals do.

Shop at the nearest grocery store, eat lunch at the local hotspot, and head to the nearest park. If you’ll be working in the area, drive or get a rideshare during rush hour, allowing you to experience traffic first-hand. Usually, the experience is eye-opening.

Pack and Reserve Movers Earlier Than You’d Expect

Packing usually takes longer than people expect, especially if you’re decluttering along the way. Additionally, the best movers’ calendars fill quickly, particularly if you’re moving during a peak time, like the summer.

Get boxes and begin packing up non-essentials now, grouping like items together and using color-coded tape to keep things organized. Also, contact movers from quotes, ensuring you can prepare for the cost and secure your preferred date.

Thinking of Starting a Business?

Bellevue is a great place to start a small business. The city offers a variety of resources and support for entrepreneurs, including incubators, accelerators, and co-working spaces. There are also numerous networking and educational events held each year. In addition, Bellevue is home to a number of successful businesses that can serve as inspiring examples for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Making connections with other entrepreneurs is definitely a must, but work toward setting up your venture first. If this is your first foray into the world of business ownership, there’s a lot, and with a recent move, it could be overwhelming. To limit frustration, consult this great how to guide on starting a business, which walks you through all the particulars. Their online experts make it easy to navigate the startup process, and this includes helping to choose the right structure, register with the state, developing a business strategy, creating a business plan and raising capital.

Start Tackling the Critical Parts of Living in a New Area

Moving is a big life change, but it can also be one full of excitement. Settling into your new home after a move can take some time, but eventually you’ll find your groove. Make sure to take advantage of all the resources and community connections available to you in order to make your transition smoother. We at Southern Home Team hope our tips have helped and wish you the best in your new home!

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