Looking to Make Additional Income?

As a Division of Goldwater Bank our national platform allows qualified Real Estate Agents to become licensed Loan Officers. Start making .5% of the loan amount in W2 commissions on your Conventional and Jumbo PURCHASE and REFINANCE transactions. Because we are a National Bank, there are NO up-front costs and NO national or state exams to take. Once you are onboarded, you are licensed in 48 states and covered under the bank umbrella. You will partner with us as your co-originator, ensuring your transactions close smoothly.

For example, on a $400,000 loan you would earn $2,000.


LO Plus Program

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Create Residual Income

Earn 5% on all your conventional closings.
Benefits to Partnering
Use our platform as a National Bank to eliminate any license issues
Recruiting tool to grow your brand
Provides more transaction revenue to combat low inventory
More Transparent loan process
Recruit other realtors to build a down line to receive additional income per loan closed
There is no limit to the amount of recruits Agents can sponsor
Receive income from 7 levels down line
15 year fixed mortgage rates

What if all 7 levels paid out?

3 Level 1 recruits = $300
Level 1
9 Level 2 recruits = $900
Level 2
9 Level 2 recruits = $2,700
Level 3
81 Level 4 recruits = $4,050
Level 4
243 level 5 recruits = $12,150
Level 5
729 level 6 recruits = $36,450
Level 6
2,187 level 7 recruits = $109,350
Level 7

Total Downline Payout = $165,900