Instructions on how to Esign

1st You will be receiving a few emails from me shortly with a link to setup an account with our Loan Website. Please create an account, log in, complete the consent, and then go back to the loan detail screen

You will now be in the secured loan center.

2nd you will click on the link in the middle of the page that says Electronic Loan Document Request and click on the e-sign tab next to your name. You will then need to agree to e-sign the documents. The next section is where you enter the authorization codeprovided by your loan officerin order to start to signing your documents. There will be a yellow highlighted box that you will click on to e-sign the required pages.

Please be aware that once you begin e-signing your documents, you must complete the procedure. If you have to exit before e-signing all documents, the system will not let you back in as security will be considered compromised, so please make sure you are able to complete the process before entering the website. It typically takes 15-20 minutes.

3rd Once you sign all of your e-documents, there will be a button that says Congratulations you have successfully finished e-signing. Please click Return to loan detail. This will take you back to the beginning page. Next we need you to complete the wet signed disclosures.

4th There should now be a Print button in the middle of the page to Print, Sign and Upload. Please click on Print and the documents will be displayed along with a fax cover sheet or email to your Mortgage Loan Originator. Please note, this fax is a secured fax. PLEASE SEND BACK ALL OF THESE PAGES EVEN IF A SIGNATURE IS NOT REQUIRED.